Concave Polyurethane Rollers

U Wheels is a common term used to refer to Concave Rollers. Often produced in metal or nylon, Gallagher produces U wheels in polyurethane.

Gallagher is a custom manufacturer of U Wheels to your specifications.

Polyurethane U wheels offer high impact resistance, flexibility, elastic memory, noise reduction, and are resistant to oil, ozone, low temperatures, radiation, and corrosion. Gallagher can supply these with or without bearings.

We have extensive experience in bonding polyurethane to metals. Check out our video below to see how we assure the best bond possible.

Precision polyurethane rollers are also available as convex rollers, straight rollers, hubbed rollers, v-groove rollers, bearing covers, coated bearings, bushings, and more.

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Watch our video to learn more about Gallagher’s bonding process.