Complex Shapes and Bonding

Do you need a component with a hard-to-make shape or that has a multi-material construction?  We do it all: complex shapes, from small to big, and polyurethane permanently bonded to metals, plastics, or composites. More about bonding ›
Because we mold polyurethane while it’s in a liquid state, we can make some pretty amazing components. Here are some examples:
Sensors embedded in polyurethane
Polyurethane bonded to a composite hub
Counter angled, internal vanes
Complex shape with molded-in metal features
Polyurethane teeth bonded to a glass-filled polycarbonate base
Component designed for stress relief from cyclic impacts
Large forming bladder (2438 mm x 609 mm)
Precisely molded cross-section over the entire 24 foot length
We mold even smaller components too
Overmolded electronics and molded-in OEM logo
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