The most recognizable applications for polyurethane are rollers and wheels. The wheels on a child’s roller blades, high-performance caster wheels, and the tires on many fork trucks are all made from urethane. Gallagher Corporation supplies hundreds of different wheels and rollers for different industries. High load bearing ability, ease in bonding to metals, and high resilience are a few of the reasons urethanes perform so well in these applications.

What Are Polyurethane Rollers and Wheels?

Polyurethane may be bonded to just about any center hub to create the outer cover of a wheel or roller. Bonding is critical to a successful roller/wheel assembly. Be sure to follow proper procedures.
In some cases, the wheel or roller is produced completely out of polyurethane and is then placed over a bearing or a shaft to make it operational.

Types of Polyurethane Rollers & Wheels

conveyor-drive-wheelsDrive rollers, and drive wheels move objects. A motor which rotates the wheel/roller and produces the required action. Friction between the drive roller/drive wheel and the object is what propels the object along a defined path. For example, a conveyor belt is likely put into motion using drive rollers.
Idler and drive rollers and wheels may be combined and there are various types of each. Contact Gallagher if you need help in determining the best solution for your application.
With either idler rollers of drive rollers, there are many style options to consider. Here are some more specific types of rollers and wheels you may encounter:
Pinch rollers/wheels are often used in laminating operations. Consistent pressure is applied while passing through the rollers. Often, one of these rollers/wheels will drive while the other is an idler.
Polyurethane is ideal for these applications thanks to its load bearing capability. Choose from various formulations and durometers based on the specifics of your application.

Conveyor Rollers and Wheels

Typically found on assembly lines, can be idler or drive wheels or a combination of the two. One drive wheel or roller may drive the belt while the others passively allow the belt to move smoothly. Or maybe the conveyor is all idler rollers or idler wheels and the operator pushed the products down the line.

Polyurethane rollersU-Rollers  and V-Rollers

These polyurethane rollers are used to guide along a track. They can guide a boat onto a trailer, move pipe along an assembly line, or guide a cart along a track.

Partner with Gallagher for:

  • Selection of the ideal polyurethane – based on our expertise with low rolling resistance polyurethanes – with optimum properties for your application
  • Excellent bond of polyurethane to metal or plastic hubs
  • A close-tolerance hub for precise bearing fit
  • Precise roller surface – flat, concave, convex, ground or grooved – for your application
  • High resistance to wear and environmental conditions
  • Low noise, non-squeaking components
  • Dual durometer rollers

Contact Gallagher if you need help in determining the best solution for your application.

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