Using Polyurethane Products

Urethane in agricultural applications

The use of polyurethane products is wide-ranging with many markets. Here is a sampling of markets that benefit from using polyurethane products.

Urethane in agricultural applicationsAgricultural

Gallagher polyurethane products are used for beet flails, cane conditioners, cotton doffers, elevator buckets, and many more applications. Good abrasion resistance, cut and tear resistance and flex life are key product characteristics for the Agricultural market.

Urethane in military applicationsAutomotive

Polyurethane products have a large number of applications in the automotive market. Motor and transmission mounts; suspension pads; damper springs; bushings; drive belts; and trackpads — vibration damping, load-bearing ability, fatigue, and set resistance are key product characteristics for the automotive market.

Urethane in mining applicationsMining and Quarrying

Polyurethane products are used in applications like agitators, classification screens, conveyor belt scrapers, crossover pads, hydrocyclone, pipelining, pump impellers, and chute liners. Key characteristics: abrasion and impact resistance, chemical resistance, and impact resistance.

Urethane in oil exploration applicationsOil and Gas Exploration

Gallagher urethane products are used in applications such as bend restrictors, bend stiffeners, fluid separation pigs, hydraulic seals, pipe thread protectors, pipeline cleaning and inspection pigs. Key characteristics: high abrasion; cut and tear resistance; dimensional stability; and oil and gas resistance.

Urethane in paper production applicationsPaper Making and Processing

Polyurethane products are used for couch rolls, lump-breaker rolls, press rolls, reel rolls, shoe press belts, and suction rolls. Key characteristics: Abrasion and water resistance.

Urethane in construction applicationsConstruction Products

Polyurethane products are used in power tools, mallets, hammers, squeegees, and more. Key characteristics will vary by product but include impact and abrasion resistance; oil and gas resistance; and tear resistance — among others.

Urethane in paving applicationsHighway and Pavement Maintenance

Urethane products are used in applications like concrete mixers, paving machinery, salt spinners, snowplow blades, track pads, wheel chocks, and more. Abrasion resistance; cut and tear resistance; high- or low-temperature resistance (depending on the application) are key product characteristics in the highway and pavement maintenance markets.

Urethane in excercise equipment applicationsRecreational and Exercise Equipment

Gallagher urethane products are used in applications like exercise equipment, bowling pin setting equipment, amusement ride wheels, ball pitching machines, bowling balls, mallets, hammers, rollerskate wheels, skateboard wheel, ski lift sheaves, swim fins, etc. Key characteristics: abrasion resistance, low rolling resistance, load bearing ability, and low heat build-up.

office machineBusiness Machines, ATMs, and Kiosks

Urethane products are used in applications like inkjet printer belts, printer rolls, toner blades, and wheels. Key characteristics: long wear life and low frictional coefficient.

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