Gallagher Receives John Deere 2016 Supplier Innovation Award

John Deere award dinner

Gallagher Receives John Deere 2016 Supplier Innovation Award

It’s fitting that during inventor’s month, Gallagher has been honored with John Deere’s 2016 Supplier Innovation award.

John Deere created the supplier innovation awards in 2009 to promote innovation in the company’s supply base and recognize suppliers who think creatively. Award selections are based on four factors—creativity, feasibility, collaboration and bottom-line impact.

Supplier Innovation Award

Gen3 Moisture Sensor | 2016


Agriculture & Turf Division
Application – Cotton Harvester

Utilizing compliant tooling for producing the Gen3 Moisture Sensor assembly was the product of a close working relationship between Gallagher Corporation and John Deere Electronic Solutions (JDES). The sensor is comprised of investment cast stainless steel components held in place with a urethane potting material. The material also serves as an electrical insulator and environmental seal for the electronic components. Compliant tooling does a superior job over conventional hard tooling by creating a liquid tight seal to the components and prevents potting material from leaking into unwanted areas. This is beneficial because leaked potting material requires extensive post processing for removal and a diminished aesthetic appearance.

Gallagher Corporation
Gurnee, Illinois

Gallagher Corporation was founded in 1965. It is a privately held, ISO 9001: 2008-certified organization which specialized in the production of hot cast and injection-molded urethane components for OEMs. Polyurethane is an incredibly tough elastometric material with a modulus between that of conventional rubber and engineering plastics. Gallagher deals exclusively with urethane as the raw material of choice due to its outstanding engineering properties and versatility.

John Deere award dinner
Gallagher team with John Deere CEO, Sam Allen. (l to r – Shaun Gosselin, Sam Allen, Rich Gallagher, and Rick Gallagher)

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