The Dummies’ Guide to Storing Polyurethane Parts

The Dummies’ Guide to Storing Polyurethane Parts

Polyurethane PartsNot planning on using your custom polyurethane parts upon receipt? Take precautions when storing parts to avoid later problems.

Protect your custom polyurethane parts from the elements.

Prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun may result in thermal decomposition. Stagnant water may promote hydrolysis. Thermal decomposition and hydrolysis will degrade performance.

humidityHydrolyis is the chemical breakdown of polyurethane caused by exposure to water or humidity.

Polyurethane parts may also discolor when exposed to UV light — sunlight.

Be careful when wrapping stored polyurethane parts. A tight seal of a urethane product — whether in a closed storage location or wrapped in plastic — will restrict airflow. This may result in damaged parts.

When stored for prolonged periods of time, inspect your polyurethane parts as often as possible. Look for gouges, tears, and discoloration.

When stored with care, Gallagher polyurethane products will perform as planned once put into service.

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