Custom Polyurethane Part Examples

Gallagher creates custom urethane parts for a wide variety of tough applications – including marine use and subsea components, track shoes for crawling / rolling equipment, air and oil bladders, food machinery and much more.

While every project we take on is custom, here are some examples of the urethane parts we produce for our demanding clients.

Urethane Balls

Urethane balls from Gallagher can be molded in a wide range of sizes, hardness, and resilience.

Applications include:

  • Screen cleaning
  • Check valves
  • Food machinery, FDA acceptable polyurethane
Polyurethane Balls

Polyurethane Bars — Rounds, Squares, and Profiles

Choose custom polyurethane bars and profiles from Gallagher to match your application.

Our diverse capabilities deliver bars and profiles that:

  • Can be round, square, or another profile
  • Can be molded in a wide range of sizes, hardness and resilience
  • Come with expert engineering guidance
Polyurethane Bars

Urethane Bumpers

Urethane bumpers are used to cushion, stop, align and protect.

Custom urethane bumpers from Gallagher:

  • Provide excellent shock absorption and outstanding weatherability
  • Offer outstanding noise abatement, abrasion resistance, and dimensional stability characteristics
  • Are resilient, durable, non-marking and non-staining
  • Come with expert engineering guidance

High or Low Rebound Urethane Bumpers?

High-rebound urethane bumpers allow parts to conserve their energy, guiding the parts safely through a designated path, such as an assembly line.

Low-rebound urethane bumpers can absorb energy and noise, safely stopping a moving part.

Which do you need? Contact us to discuss your application.

Polyurethane Bumpers

Polyurethane Bushings

Polyurethane bushings are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, oil, grease, UV, ozone, dirt, wear, impact and cold flow. They can be bonded to metal and are a good alternative to rubber.

Custom polyurethane suspension bushings and other polyurethane bushings from Gallagher damp vibration and exhibit high load bearing capacity. Gallagher polyurethane bushings are ideal for applications such as:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive / Trucks
  • Fitness
  • Food Processing Equipment (using FDA polyurethane)
  • Marine Equipment
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Mining
Polyurethane Bushings

Polyurethane Gaskets

Polyurethane gaskets and seals offer excellent resistance to oils, fuels, water, tearing, abrasion, wear, chemicals, ozone, and radiation.

Custom polyurethane gaskets and other polyurethane seals from Gallagher:

  • Prevent leakage of air or liquids
  • Withstand a wide range of compressive loads
  • Have an elastic memory that maintains the seal despite vibration or thermal changes
Polyurethane Gaskets

Polyurethane Liners

Polyurethane liners protect equipment against wear. Liners bonded to metal provide additional stiffness and installation advantages.

Turn to us to strip and reline your existing equipment with durable polyurethane – bringing new life to your operation.

Custom polyurethane liners from Gallagher:

  • Resist abrasion, corrosion, many chemicals, oil, fuels, and grease
  • Minimize impact damage and noise
  • Come with expert engineering guidance
Polyurethane Liners

Polyurethane Pads, Plates, and Sheets

Use polyurethane pads (pu pads), plates, and sheets to absorb shock, damp vibration and resist abrasion in a wide range of industrial applications.

Custom urethane pads (pu pads), plates and sheets from Gallagher:

  • Resist oils, many chemicals, fuels, ozone, cuts, tearing and weather-related aging
  • Are nonmarking
  • Excel at reducing transmitted shock loads
  • Can be molded in a wide range of sizes, hardness and types of polyurethane

Use these pu pads, plate, and sheets to meet your toughest demands for prototypes or production, die cut or water jet, wear- and cut-resistant surfaces, and more.

Polyurethane Plates

Urethane Springs

For vibration damping, high loads in confined spaces, suspension systems, and more, polyurethane springs provide a high load capacity and excellent shock absorption.

Custom polyurethane springs from Gallagher:

  • Offer custom spring rates by choice of shape and polyurethane compound
  • Provide high load capacity and excellent shock absorption
  • Resist abrasion, oil, and water
  • Are bondable to metals and plastics
  • Are ideal in compression, torsion and some special applications in tension
Polyurethane Spring

Vibration Control Parts

Polyurethane is an ideal material for vibration control applications because it can be very resilient, minimize noise, and withstand a wide range of loads.

Some compounds work well in vibration isolation applications, while other compounds offer increased levels of damping. In either case, from Gallagher, you get custom molded vibration control components that are durable and impact resistant.

Polyurethane vibration isolators and other vibration control parts from Gallagher:

  • Can be bonded to metal, plastics, and composites
  • Can withstand a wide range of loads
  • Can be molded into many shapes and sizes

Count on our expertise to deliver custom molded mounts, bumpers, pads or springs that will suit your unique vibration control requirements.

Polyurethane Vibration Control

Urethane Wheels

Urethane wheels are abrasion resistant, cut resistant, quiet, non-marking, non-conductive, durable and resilient. Gallagher provides a polyurethane wheel solutions. Solutions that provide outstanding adhesion of polyurethane to metal or plastic hubs.
Gallagher has extensive experience molding custom polyurethane wheels for OEMs. Our particular focus is on light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications including:
  • Guide wheels
  • Drive wheels
  • Idler wheels
  • Exercise equipment
  • Skate wheels
  • Escalator/elevator wheels
  • Skateboard wheels
  • Material handling

We can also meet your toughest demands in roller applications.

Polyurethane Wheel

Polyurethene Rollers

Urethane rollers for business machines, exercise equipment, material handling, food machinery, escalators and elevator rollers, cam followers and more – in a wide array of applications, you can turn to Gallagher for the best precision urethane rollers.

Partner with us for:

  • Selection of the ideal polyurethane – based on our expertise with low rolling resistance polyurethanes – with optimum properties for your application
  • Excellent bond of polyurethane to metal or plastic hubs
  • A close-tolerance hub for precise bearing fit
  • Precise roller surface – flat, concave, convex, ground or grooved – for your application
  • High resistance to wear and environmental conditions
  • Low noise, non-squeaking components
  • Dual durometer rollers
Polyurethane Rollers