Why Choose Gallagher Corporation?

There are 3 reasons why we should be your supplier

We Are Experts

We unlock the potential of polyurethane to solve your challenges.
Our knowledge of polyurethane and how to mold it is a decisive
advantage for creating solutions to your demanding requirements.

Tailored Performance

We control the science to give you an advantage.  We formulate and process polyurethane chemistries to ensure specific final performance parameters that best meet your requirements.

Molding Authority

No one rivals our abilities to mold complex shapes, to hold tight tolerances, and to reliably bond polyurethane to metals, plastics, and composites.

End-To-End Product Fabrication

Our in-house capabilities enable us to perform the specialized and precision operations needed to fabricate your product from start to finish. Being a one-stop-shop creates time and cost savings for us, and therefore for you.

We Deliver

Superior products dependably delivered.
We deliver top-quality polyurethane products
in quantities from 1K to 1M+ — on-time.

Product Satisfaction

Our quality management system, process control, and test capabilities ensure greater than 99.9% product satisfaction.


High Volume Capacity

We lead our industry in using automation, which enables the efficiency, capacity, and precision to be globally competitive at high volume production.

On-Time Delivery

We commit to a delivery schedule, and then we deliver on-time better than 99.9% of the time.

We Are Partners

Together we’ll achieve success.
Our goal is to be your supplier of choice
and to help you lead your market.


We collaborate with you to fully understand your engineering challenge and design goals, to develop innovative solutions, and to advance from prototype into production.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to continuously improve to support a successful and long-term partnership.  This means working with you to improve your product’s performance and reduce its cost, as well as improving our capabilities with new formulations, new equipment, and improved processes.

Trusted Partner

We think that trust provides an enduring foundation for success; You can trust our commitment to open communication, integrity, safety, and the environment.


A Message From Our President and CEO

We are passionate about developing and delivering polyurethane products that solve your demanding challenges.

Polyurethane is up to the task. It is an amazing material with versatility – in fact, we tailor its performance properties to match your specific application. This makes molded polyurethane the ultimate engineering material.

But a great material does not, by itself, make great solutions. Solutions must be smartly designed and developed to satisfy their intended applications. And then, to actually make an impact, those solutions must be manufactured and delivered. We do all that and more.

Our people are polyurethane experts and, when partnered with you, are great at applying polyurethane to solve your challenges.  We have optimized and controlled every process to ensure precise chemistry from start to finish.

Together, our people and processes achieve the highest performance levels and produce the best products — bar none. To stay on top, we continue to innovate and we never sacrifice integrity, safety, quality, or the environment. These are core values that we live by. My promise to you is that we will dependably deliver superior products that solve your demanding challenges.

Urethane by Gallagher

Rick Gallagher, President and CEO