Polyurethane Shear Modulus

Why is determining shear modulus for polyurethane parts important?
Elastomers are typically used in shear for parts such as mounting brackets and suspension assemblies. These types of applications are chosen because elastomers will deflect much more easily in shear than in compression. Shear loading is a combination of tension and compression forces. Since polyurethane has high load bearing capacity in tension and compression, it also has high load being capacity in shear.

Shear is the ratio of deformation to elastomer thickness. Shown below is a table representative of the shear modulus of several different Gallagher Corp polyurethane compounds. We encourage you to watch the video to learn more about polyurethane in shear and see how we determine the shear modulus in our materials testing lab. Please contact us for more information and to see how we can put our material to work for you.

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Shear Modulus (Quad Shear Method), psi (MPa)

CompoundHardnessShear Modulus, G
96060A180 (1.2)
128080A470 (3.2)
128585A745 (5.1)
129090A920 (6.3)
109090A1300 (8.9)
109595A2400 (16.5)
157570D12,300 (84.8)

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