Polyurethane Track Pads

Polyurethane Track Pads

Gallagher Corporation currently supplies several diverse polyurethane products to OEMs specializing in the construction field. From heavy-duty construction equipment to tough power tools, Gallagher has the product experience and wide range of polyurethane compounds to meet the wide array of needs. Polyurethane can be utilized for resilient springs in pneumatic tools, abrasion resistant track pads on heavy equipment and energy absorbing bumpers to reduce vibration. Gallagher has the know-how and the manufacturing capacity to excel at even the most demanding applications.

Case Study: Track Pad

The polyurethane track pad has been in use for many years on track driven vehicles used throughout the construction industry. The staff at Gallagher has perfected the product by working closely with raw material suppliers and OEMs to achieve the optimal balance between abrasion resistance, the coefficient of friction, and high-temperature resistance. With the recent rebound in the construction and building trades; Gallagher has implemented a dedicated line for the most efficient manufacture of polyurethane track pads to feed the industry.

Gallagher utilizes only the highest quality raw materials and has the capacity to quickly set-up production for your specific application. We have the people and equipment in place to bring your ideas from concept to production within budget and on schedule.

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