Polyurethane Bladder for Hydroforming Press

The production of polyurethane bladders for hydroforming metals has been a specialty of Gallagher Corporation from the very beginning. Polyurethane outperforms other materials due to its ability to withstand high percentages of elongation, is cut and tear resistant and has low flex fatigue. The tooling associated with metal forming bladders is often quite large; Gallagher has the equipment and toolmakers capable of delivering high quality, large tools at a fair price.

Case Study: Polyurethane Bladder for Hydroforming Press

Due to the nature of manufacturing, certain products must be produced in high production quantities, while others are carefully hand-crafted on a much smaller scale.
Hydroforming bladders typically fall into the latter category of low quantity production requiring expert attention to detail. The Gallagher Corporation manufacturing system is diverse and able to excel in either arena.
Hydroforming Press OEMs consistently turn to Gallagher for their expertise in the production of polyurethane bladders. Gallagher has the capacity and equipment in place to be able to process these orders quickly and ship finished products to the OEMs. This results in the end user getting their presses up and running in as little time as possible.
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