Polyurethane Pipeline Cleaning Pig

Polyurethane Pipeline Cleaning Pig

The extreme environments common to petroleum extraction and processing require tough materials that can stand up to the conditions. Gallagher Corporation has the resources and the equipment to process the highest quality raw materials to the tightest processing specifications. Polyurethanes are ideal for the oil and gas industries because they offer high abrasion, cut and tear resistance as well as compatibility with many oils and gasses.

Case Study: Pipeline Cleaning Pig

Pipeline cleaning pigs are an effective way to remove pipe fouling and maintain the efficiency of a pipeline system. Polyurethane is an excellent material choice, not only because it is a remarkably tough, but also because of its moldability. Pipelines come in all different sizes and require pigs that are sized accordingly. Due to the relative low tooling costs associated with cast polyurethane, tooling can be quickly and cost effectively created to produce pigs to fit a certain sized pipe.

An OEM servicing the petroleum markets approached Gallagher Corporation with an existing part that had been sourced from another vendor. The OEM, unsatisfied with the former vendor’s part quality, came to Gallagher looking for help. Gallagher Corporation had the existing capacity to take on the new business and supply the OEM with a polyurethane compound that could handle the material requirements. Furthermore, the team at Gallagher was able to perfect the difficult post-process trimming operation to exceed the customer’s part quality expectations.

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