Gallagher and Vulkollan®

Molded parts made of Vulkollan®

Gallagher and Vulkollan®

VULKOLLAN® is a registered trademark of Covestro Group.

Gallagher is pleased to announce that we are now a licensed manufacturer of polyurethane parts produced from Vulkollan®.

Vulkollan® is one of the most powerful elastomers in the market, combining highest mechanical load-bearing characteristics with highest dynamic load-bearing capacity. Therefore, Vulkollan® is used for superior tasks in many technical fields.

Ultimate solid and cellular solutions

NDI-based cast polyurethane elastomers

Whenever applications require highest mechanical load-bearing characteristics and highest dynamic load-bearing capacity, NDI-based cast polyurethane elastomers are the material of choice.

Molded parts made of Vulkollan®
Molded parts made of Vulkollan®

NDI-based cast polyurethane elastomers can have a solid or a cellular structure. In a multistage process, these ultra-high-performance elastomers are produced through chemical reactions between polyols, NDI and glycols or water.

In the first step, prepolymers are produced from polyols and NDI. In the second step, prepolymers are reacted with glycols (solid elastomers) or water (cellular elastomers) by mixing, and these mixtures are poured into open molds.

Solid elastomers are produced by casting at temperatures exceeding  212°F (100°C). cellular elastomers require temperatures around 194°F (90 °C). The reaction mixtures cure in open/closed molds to form solid/cellular elastomers. After demolding, the elastomers are subject to a special maturing process that is essential to achieve exceptional mechanical and dynamic properties.

Besides the classic multistage process, solid and cellular NDI-based cast polyurethane elastomers can also be manufactured from stable NDI-prepolymers offered by Covestro. These products are recommended especially for small- and mid-scale production.

Polyurethane elastomers (urethane elastomers) are one type of a large family of elastic polymers called rubber.

There are 14 types of rubber in general use. All of them have been commercially successful, but they are all different in several ways. The chart below provides a quick initial screening guide.

Contact Gallagher to see if Vulkollan® is the best polyurethane elastomer for your application.

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