Polyurethane Conveyor Drive Sprockets

Polyurethane Conveyor Drive Sprockets

Gallagher Corporation is a current supplier to conveyor and material handling OEMs with a wide variety of polyurethane products. Polyurethane is an excellent choice for material handling and conveyor components due to its abrasion resistance, toughness and oil and grease resistance. For food handling equipment, Gallagher can supply products made with only FDA approved materials to meet the needs of that industry.

Case Study: Conveyor Drive Sprockets

This sprocket made with cast polyurethane is used to drive modular plastic belting for customers all over the world. The polyurethane material choice is compatible with the plastic belting to prevent premature wear and produce quiet operation. This particular sprocket lends itself well to the casting process due to the thick cross sections, which would prove very difficult and costly to produce any other way. In addition, the polyurethane material offers increased wear life and increased flex life over standard plastic sprockets.

The sprocket is split through the center for ease of installation and maintenance. The center bore is molded to tight tolerance so that the sockets will fit correctly on a square shaft in the assembled piece of equipment. The team at Gallagher and the OEM worked closely together to come up with a molding strategy that produced tight tolerance parts, without the presence of entrapped air bubbles and with a tooling budget that fit the needs of the customer.

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