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Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Doffer

Produced on a high-volume automated molding line, this agricultural component replaces the former black rubber compound with polyurethane due to the latter material’s high flex and wear resistance without carbon black reinforcement.
Cotton farmers pushed for an alternative to the old black rubber doffer because black particles reduced the price for their cotton.

Urethane Doffers that Meet the Requirements

A Gallagher engineer spent time in the field working with our customer, a cotton harvester OEM, to understand all the requirements for the component. After selecting one of the Gallagher polyurethane compounds, we tested prototypes in the field and got favorable results.
The application is demanding. Abrasion from cotton fibers, plant material and any loose soil wears on the doffer as it spins at nearly 2,000 rpm. Polyurethane doffers typically last two to three seasons of cotton harvesting.
With the new component showing it was up to the task, we built the tooling and began production. To date, Gallagher has produced over 11,000,000 polyurethane doffers.
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