Your Proven Polyurethane Manufacturer Partner

Have you got tough demands for a custom molded polyurethane part? Looking for an injection molded and cast polyurethane manufacturer to meet those demands?

Look no further — Gallagher is the best polyurethane manufacturer you will find.

Gallagher’s technical prowess as a cast polyurethane manufacturer, our material science knowledge, proven quality, and continuously advancing processing capabilities help solve even your most challenging polyurethane manufacturing puzzles.

As our customers will tell you, our cast polyurethane manufacturer team always does whatever it takes to meet your needs.

  • New products for ongoing production runs or conversions from other materials
  • Part weight ranging from 1/10 ounce to over 2,000 pounds (a few grams to over 1,000 kg)
  • Liquid cast, compression molded, transfer molded, and polyurethane injection molding
  • Metal bonded to polyurethane

But, Gallagher is not just any cast polyurethane manufacturer. We are a cast polyurethane manufacturer that produces tough parts for the toughest demands. Our custom polyurethane casting and polyurethane injection molding parts are guaranteed to meet your specifications and are delivered on-time. Our polyurethane manufacturing facility is our greatest selling tool. You are welcome to visit anytime.

Not in the neighborhood? Watch our video at the bottom of this page.

Custom Polyurethane Component Examples

Gallagher creates custom polyurethane components for a wide variety of tough applications – including marine use and subsea components, track shoes for crawling/rolling equipment, air and oil bladders, food machinery and much more.

As a polyurethane manufacturer, every project we take on is custom, here are some examples of the wide array of polyurethane parts we produce in partnership with our demanding clients. Visit our part examples page to view more options.

You Come into Contact With Gallagher Polyrethane Products Everyday.

Learn more about the markets for urethane.

The Value of Partnering with Gallagher As Your Cast Polyurethane Manufacturer

  • Decades of proven success meeting the toughest demands in polyurethane processing
  • A bright future ahead – Financial strength coupled with continual investment
  • Capacity and staff to grow and advance with you
  • Total accountability for meeting our commitments

Gallagher Corporation is a charter member of the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association.Polyurethane Manufacturers Association

The Polyurethane Manufacturers Association is dedicated to the cast polyurethane industry. Its purpose is:

1. To promote and maintain an organization for the mutual advancement and welfare of its members and of the polyurethane elastomer industry by all proper, suitable and lawful means.

2. To exchange and disseminate information among its members as to improvements, standards, processing of raw materials, and advancements in the economics relative to the polyurethane elastomer industry.

3. To monitor regulatory and legislative committees and governmental agencies, provide input to these committees and agencies where necessary, and to take whatever affirmative steps are required to protect our industry from actions of these agencies in the best interest of our industry and its employees.

4. To foster a spirit of good will among its members, to promulgate ethical practices in their relationship with each other, their customers and the public, to the end that all interests may be served fairly.

5. To assist the members in all proper ways relative to matters affecting their welfare within the scope and functions set forth in these by-laws.

Through networking, research, knowledge sharing and more, we help our members, other manufacturers and consumers make the most of the versatile, durable material that is cast polyurethane.

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