One of the most advantageous features of molding castable polyurethane is bonding it to other materials. Here at Gallagher Corporation, we are experts in bonding cast polyurethane to metals and other substrates. Following our proprietary bonding procedure, polyurethane can be permanently attached to a large variety of other materials during the casting process. Achievable bond strength between the polyurethane and the substrate typically exceeds the tear strength of the urethane. This means that in most situations the polyurethane will fail before any evidence of delamination is detectable.

Polyurethanes are usually bonded to metals to increase strength or aid in attaching it to an assembly. Consistent with other polyurethane properties, the presence of excessive heat will have a detrimental effect on the strength of the bond. The most high-performance bonds are achieved as part of the casting process, while the urethane is still in liquid form. For manufacturing situations where this isn’t possible, cured polyurethane can be glued as well, however, bond strength won’t be as high.

At Gallagher, bonding polyurethane is one of our specialties; we excel where other companies might falter with the tough jobs that require research and innovation. Our experienced designers, mold makers, and processing engineers have the experience necessary to make it right the first time. When you chose to work with Gallagher, you can rest assured you are working with the best in the business when it comes to molding and bonding polyurethane.